Bluetooth Marketing is coming to Louisville Kentucky

By now most of us know what Bluetooth is. It is that thing that you enable so you can use “hands free” so you use your phone in your car safely or listen to you tunes through your wireless headphones. Right?

Well, did you knowthat Bluetooth is also a powerful tool for you to find goods and services that you want and need in the area that you are currently in? It is also a way for the business owner to let you know about their business. They can also send you coupons or let you know about specials that are going on right now and in the future.

So how does all this work and how do you get it?

The business owner installs a device called a Bluetooth beacon that would fit in the palm of your hand. That device can send out messages containing coupons, pictures such as menu items in a restaurant, video’s or just about any message that they need to get to you.

You are connected to all the businesses with the beacon through your local community app. It you are one of the millions of people that wants to keep it local, this is the way to do that. The message will hit the lock screen on the cell phone and be stored in your notifications. Once you get the notification it is up to you whether you want check out the business or not. At least you will know that they are there, and this is the big thing, that they may have exactly what you are looking for at that moment.

So who is making all this happen?

Although Bluetooth marketing has been around for a while it is a company called NETcinity that is making an entry into hundreds of cities around the country. They are providing local community apps for free and will even provide businesses on their platinum plan with their own APPs. the business owner pays a monthly fee for the beacon service. The business owner is provided and easy to use portal that they build their message in.

NETcinity will be releasing the APP for Louisville, KY in the next few days and the APP for Mt. Washington, KY in the coming weeks. What is cool about these APPs is the let you find goods or services in any City or Town in world that has a NETcinity APP with connected businesses. Travel to city like Denver and don’t know where stuff is… use the nearme function in the APP to find what you are looking for. You might not have to travel 10 miles to a big box store because a local business has what you need right where you are!

If you are a business owner and want to learn more about Bluetooth Marketing from NETcinity click here or you can contact me at the email address below.

Bluetooth Beacon + Business message + Free Smart APP = Smart Idea.

Fair disclosure: I am an independent Sales Manager for NETcinity

I’m Patrick Cowan thanks for reading