About Us

Founded by Patrick Cowan, Conceptualized Dynamics focuses on providing burst financial improvement capacity to businesses.

With more than thirty years experience in Finance, Accounting, HR, and Business Management Mr. Cowan has been faced with the responsibility of solving everyday problems that face any business. He has also been charged with crafting advanced strategies that move a business forward. This is where the idea for Conceptualized Dynamics was born.

Conceptualized Dynamics is focused on bringing CFO services and results to small businesses. While, CFO services are often just accounting services wrapped up in a bow, Conceptualized Dynamics offers more.  We are focused on moving your business forward. Concepts are ideas. Sometimes these are ideas that you have, sometimes these are ideas that we develop together through strategy sessions, SWOT analysis, etc. A dynamic can be defined as force that causes movement. This is what Conceptualized Dynamics does. We uncover or create the dynamics that let you realize the fruits of your ideas and labor. In some cases we have to move away from the dynamics that are holding you back. A few of these may be fear, lack of funds, improper strategies, etc. The focus is always you and your business. There is no cookie cutter approach. Every strategy has to be custom, the dynamics crafted for your business, to move your business in the direction that you want to take it. This will be the direction that lets you achieve your goals.

I believe that small ideas can be big winners if the right dynamics are applied.  Lets uncover your potential, your ideas and apply the dynamics that will move you toward your goals.