About Us

Founded by Patrick Cowan, Conceptualized Dynamics focuses on providing burst financial improvement capacity to businesses. I start each engagement with an interview with the owner to determine where the business is currently and what he would like to see from the business in the future. This gap analysis actually uncovers the targets for us to begin working on. It will also serve as the starting point for strategy sessions.

I bring more than thirty years experience in Finance, Accounting, HR, and Operations Management with me to the benefit of your business.  I have held positions of CFO, VP of Finance, Divisional Controller and Chief Operations Officer. I have also worked with clients as a contract CFO. What I have found from all of this experience is that each business is different. Even businesses in the same industry are different. Not better, not worse, just different. What makes me able to help your business is my ability to uncover the unique set of dynamics that impact your business. This is where the Conceptual Dynamics was born. I realized that you have to approach each business, each owner and each business team with the knowledge that you are going to have to uncover the dynamics that are really in play in the business to make a real impact. Once we do that we can really start crafting advanced strategies that move the business forward.

Conceptualized Dynamics is focused on bringing CFO services and results to small businesses. While CFO services are often just accounting services wrapped up in a bow, Conceptualized Dynamics offers more.  Anyone can throw information at you. Information without transformation is just noise. Aand the engagement evolves from there.

I arrived at the name Conceptualized Dynamics because I believe that there are forces (Dynamics) that are in play in every business. What we do is uncover those, even hidden ones, and make sure that are pushing your ideas (Concepts) in the right direction. Sometimes these are ideas that you have, sometimes these are ideas that we develop together through strategy sessions, SWOT analysis, etc.

“Vision without execution is just a hallucination” – Thomas Edison

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